Monday, August 13, 2012

Project 4: Paint Designs for the "Aqui y Alla" Mural

Guided by the curriculum created by Michelle Ortiz, teaching artist Patricia Barrera led the teens from Philadelphia in the creation of works connected to immigration. Patricia added visual art activities to have the students explore different ways of creating images and conveying messages. Here are some images of the process.

Project 4: Paint Final Mural Designs- The students cut the parachute cloth and primed it. After finalizing their designs they projected the images, mixed colors and started painting. Mexican street artists and collaborating artists from Colectivo Rezizte and Colectivo Madrono arrived in Philadelphia and they presented their work to the class. They also brought with them the panels that the 14 students in Mexico created. The students shared their designs with each other and talked about their work. The panels created will be installed as part of the "Aqui y Alla" Mural.

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